The Benefits of Juice Recipes for Skin

The Benefits of Juice Recipes for Skin1

Health experts always say that you need to pay attention to what you consume when you want to improve your beauty from within. It is basically true, because whatever you eat or drink will affect the way your body works and how the body functions properly. Not so many people are keen to the idea that they should eat on the greens or the healthy one. Well, you can always balance it out with juicing – after all, some people believe that juice is another form of liquid food that can be helpful for your condition.

Moreover, you may be surprised to find out that different types of juice can deliver different effects. Do you know that some juices are good to eliminate acne or pimples, while some are good to help you lose weight? All the natural ingredients are good for everything positive – younger appearance, brighter skin, healthier physical appearance, and many more. But in case you want to know which ingredients can improve your health and help your skin look brighter, firmer, and better, these are some juice recipes for skin that you can try.The Benefits of Juice Recipes for Skin1

Main Reasons

These juice recipes aren’t magical potion that can deliver satisfying result overnight. The reasons why they are so good are because they are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that won’t only boost your health, but also changing your appearance naturally from within.

You see, with the unhealthy lifestyle we have today and so many different pollutants being exposed to us on daily basis, it is no wonder if we are filled with the dangerous free radicals (responsible for the health issues, early aging, deteriorating skin condition, etc); not to mention the toxins or waste being piled up within our system. But when you consume these healthy juices on daily basis, you are ‘injecting’ yourself with healthy antioxidants that can fight off the free radicals so your skin can get its natural glow. You should see the difference after you consume the juices. Your skin will look young again, firm, bright, clear, and glowing – and you don’t need any medical procedures or surgeries to achieve it.

Moreover, the healthy juices will flush out the toxins and waste piled up within the body, so your body should be free from any of those dangerous substances or waste. Keep in mind, though, that some people may suffer from not-very-nice experience when they first detoxify themselves. They experience increased moment of bowel movement, followed by light headache and nausea. But that’s the way your body is adapting to the change, so it is pretty normal. If you want to play it safe, make sure to always consult your doctor before trying the daily juicing. They can determine your condition and suggests the best way for you to start this habit.

The Benefits of Juice Recipes for Skin

The Recipes

Here are some examples of the healthy juice recipes for better skin, better immunity, and improved energy. What’s fun is that they come in different vibrant colors, so you can get very nice and yummy alternatives that will spark up your days. No more dull juices that will put you in misery. You can make one, cool it, and take it to work with you! You don’t necessarily need a juicer to make one; if you have a blender, you will be fine.

The first one is the Glowing Goddess, a recipe that is mostly using the green veggies. Its main content is kale, celery, and cucumber, so be prepared to deal with major green hue. Not only this recipe is good for the brighter and better skin, it is also good for your physical fitness and health, considering that it is packed with chlorophyll – and the important vitamins and minerals, naturally. All you have to do is to prepare:

  • Half green apple
  • One cucumber
  • A peeled lemon
  • A handful of kale
  • A small cilantro
  • 5 to 8 celery stalks

You need to mix them all, don’t take it too long. As long as they are mixed well together, you can remove them into another container or glass. If you want to, you can add ice cubes. But if you don’t like the watery taste of the ice cube after awhile, you can always fill in the ice cube tray with small portion of the juice itself. When they are hardened and mixed into the drink, it won’t be watery or runny at all, and the original taste and freshness will remain intact!Healthy drink, vegetable juice, red and green

The second one is the Lady in Red. As the name suggests, it will be all bright and vibrant red. This recipe is good to boost your energy after a long day at work. The main ingredient is the beet, which is known for its exhaustion delaying trait. Not to mention that it is also fulfilling, so you won’t have to worry about munching or overeating. Ginger is also good for your immunity, so you won’t be easily get sick or suffering from common cold. You need to prepare:

  • Half red apple
  • 1 to 2 washed raw beets
  • 3 peeled carrots
  • Half inch piece of ginger

Again, mix them all well together and remove them into another glass. You can pack half of it into your working jar and take it to work. Trust me, you will appreciate having it during the middle of the day. It will give you an instant kick of energy, allowing you to stay energized when you get back home.

The third one is the Manhattan Beach Sunshine, which is dominated by the bright yellowish hue. This recipe is good for immunity and digestion. The main ingredients are filled with vitamin C, which also means packed antioxidants. You need to prepare:

  • Half inch piece of ginger
  • A cup of pineapple
  • A peeled lemon
  • A handful of mint

Put them all into a juicer or blender and mix them all well. you can drink it up or leave it a while in the refrigerator; the choice is yours. Just be sure that you will have this boost of refreshing and yummy taste to tackle your busy days.

PlayStation Vue: How Sony Change the Way TV Works

PlayStation Vue- How Sony Change the Way TV Works and Performs

Sony plans to make a new breakthrough with their PlayStation console. It seems that they are trying to think out of the box and come up with a new solution and innovation that will make their PlayStation console more appealing. What do you feel about combining PlayStation and TV streaming ability? Yup, this is the great breakthrough Sony is trying to accomplish with their PlayStation Vue.

The Plan

Naturally, there are reasons why Sony decided to come up with the Vue. You see, the PlayStation has been a major hit and source of revenue for the company. With the success of PlayStation 3 being sold out with total 80 millions of unit or the PlayStation 4 being sold to more than 20 million, Sony wants to create something different – something that can combine the different types of excitement within one single console gear. Coming up with a gaming console is an ordinary idea, but what if the device can also be used to stream TV programs and channels, turning the seemingly regular gaming console into a TV cable decoder – or such thing that is similar, for that matter.PlayStation Vue- How Sony Change the Way TV Works and Performs

It seems that Sony is pretty confident and optimistic with this plan since they are planning on having the subscribed service for Vue – so if you are interested, you need to register first. The service has been offered and made available in three major cities of Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York. You probably think that Vue is just another regular TV cable service with similar services like other entertainment providers. Well, this is where things get different; aside from the technology being used and incorporated, the Vue also offers other services and coverage that you may not get from other service providers.

The Offers

Aside from offering mixed on demand and live entertainments from popular networks such as Discovery Communications, NBCUniversal, CBS, NBC, and Fox, Vue also offers the new cloud storage technology to improve your entertainment enjoyment. The cloud system certainly makes interesting appeal since Sony calls it as a virtual unlimited DVR solution. This is the way Sony redefines television and the industry, and they are thrilled to try on the system.

The idea of Vue is to improve the enjoyment of choosing your favorite entertainment options as well as relieving your burden in choosing the types of program you choose. You see, when you have a TV cable service, sometimes you are stuck with the options of programs because they are already included in the schedule. But the Vue will change everything since you have the freedom to only choose and stream the programs that you want. Everything has been designed in very simple and easy manner; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the settings and everything.

The fact that the Vue is packed with smart and latest technology will probably appeal bigger reach and expansion of audience. The channel guides, as well as DVR management, have been designed and arranged to help customers like you to have very easy access and arrangement. Here is a simple example; you can add your favorite show into “My Show” list. Once you have done that, Vue will always ‘remember’, record, and keep the backlog from every single episode (of your favorite shows) that is currently aired, making them available in On Demand or Catch Up option within the device. It applies to different networks and channels, so there won’t be any problems in acquiring them. Let’s say, you like “Criminal Minds” so much, you will be provided access to all episodes that are arranged in sequences according to the availability of the network.

Not only the technology is handy to help you arrange your favorite programs, the smart guidance program will also help you in the program grid for better access and understanding. Networks will be placed on the top side of the grid and times are placed on the left side. it helps a lot because this is the way Vue display the information about the network first, your favorite programs next, and then the available channels. Users will also be given the easiness to watch previous episodes through ‘Back in Time’ search option, where the episodes are kept within Catch Up or On Demand list. What’s cool is that you are given 28 days to watch the episodes anytime you like before it is finally removed.PlayStation Vue- How Sony Change the Way TV Works and Performs1

Sony assures that their service is truly professional and pure, and they won’t create any streaming content roadblocks (things happening to some providers, like Comcast) because they are dealing with authentic matters and contents – which aren’t an issue for them. During their launch, they also include programs from various cable network and broadcast groups like Viacom, Turner, Discovery, CBS, Scripps, Fox News, and many more. They don’t forget local sports content or news either. However, if you want to add AMC Network, you need to wait for another month for the network to be available in Vue. But for now, ABC won’t be included in the options, although Sony claims that there is always the possibility in the future reference, considering that they always expand their features and channels.

For now, Sony has different services for the gaming and entertainment services. PlayStation Plus is for the gaming service while Vue is for the entertainment program. Currently, Sony doesn’t have any plan to combine them all. However, they are thinking about merging the two services together and come with more attractive packages. Although it is unclear when the company will merge both services, it is a certain thing that PlayStation Show “Powers” should be available live in Vue. It is very likely that Vue will end up display a special channel for PlayStation originals.

Too bad that Vita won’t be able to have access to Vue because Sony believes that everything is too complicated and the systems to deliver everything are just too difficult. if you are interested, you can always enjoy the trial and free 7 days offer, but you will have to choose one of the provided plans, from Access (costs $50 a month), Core, ($60), and Elite ($70). Sports packages are available for Core while music, lifestyle, and family programs are included within Elite.